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Asian teen picked up off the street then fucked and creampied

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Wow 3 years ago
Have you ever seen a less interested girl. This dude repulses her.
A normal white guy 2 years ago
WTching this has convinced me that I should never in my life but a prostitute. Am I in better shape then that guy? Yes. Would I be able to have better sex, idk probably. But I can garuntee that no matter what the dude looked like, that girl would have been just as miserable. Rip those who are locked into that word, may they find peace when they are done on our earth
Horsecockbob 3 years ago
Wow she is sad and poor that's the only reason she let you put your STD cock in her. You can see it on her face
Hother 2 years ago
she was crying
Simon 1 year ago
Feel so bad for the girl
2 years ago
Such a romantic kiss.
2 years ago
this guy gross
Gnnrunner 2 years ago
This guy is one lousy fuck
The Taken Guy 2 years ago
I mean...
She was hot
The guy...
He had such a small cock.
And he barely cummed in there
Who calls that a creampie???
Dude 9 months ago
I feel so sorry for this girl. She doesn't want to do this at all. This is practically ****, and by watching it, I feel that I'm participating in the *****. The people behind this should be ashamed!!