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To F.,

(Feb 14, 2020)

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you love, warmth, sweetness, to be in the arms of the close people you love, and for them to be in yours. I wish you happy celebration of the wonderful sweet magical heavenly deep connection that people can share, and I wish you the wonderful fulfilling deep meaning that it brings. <3.

(Feb 3, 2020)

I miss you so so sooo much. You’re in my heart and on my mind all the time. I’m sitting here, imagining where you may be in this moment. What you may be doing. What you may be feeling. What you may be thinking.

I wrote a new song. I wonder if somehow sometime you’ll hear it. I wonder, if you heard it without knowing I wrote it, whether you would see yourself in the words. Between the words. Whether you would know, that the song is about you.

A little something for you, that touched me and I’d like to share with you: this and this and also this and perhaps scroll here :)

The whole universe hasn’t expanded enough to contain the size of how much I miss you.

T. <3

This page is public so I can’t write much here; I write a lot more in my letters, which are being collected here, new ones at the bottom.

I did listen to some bits from the first episodes. Heard you :) and some words about you. And everything is okay. No anger. No grey clouds. Only pink clouds and a rainbow. I promise. <3

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