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For a while now, I’ve been thinking about hosting my writing in some kind of a blog thing. In particular, something that federates. So I looked at WriteFreely and at Plume. But haven’t really used them so far.

One of the reasons I haven’t started on one of those, is that some of my writing - possibly most of my writing - is handwriting. And that means that many blog posts may actually be pictures (unless people volunteer to help with typing them as text / trying OCR on them). That situation complicates things a bit because:

  • Blog platforms are, I suppose, generally meant for typed text
  • Image sharing platforms are, I suppose, generally meant for images

I just haven’t taken the time yet to try things and get impressions. Perhaps because I haven’t written much laetely. I’ve been busy working on Vervis and ForgeFed :-)

A few days ago, while working on Vervis, I felt like making a technical post about the things I’m implementing. Write more detail than I usually do. And I realized I don’t have a blog for this! The last blog I had, which was using the wonderful Ikiwiki, has been offline for quite a while now. I intend to bring all the material from there back online on this newer website, but haven’t yet. Since the new writing would be technical, and typed on my laptop, and I already have this Hakyll based website, I decided to add a blog here. And it can still be federated, by:

  • Linking here from a post on the Fediverse
  • Linking there for comments and referring people to comment there

So, here we are :)

Actual non-meta posts possibly coming soon. Ciao for now!