little red cabin


Once upon a time, there came to be Lilach and Shalom.

Meeting her, knowing her, having her love and admiration, is the best most amazing thing in his life, the best gift anyone could ever have. He’s madly in love with her. He loves her like crazy. He loves her with all his heart, with every last drop of his soul. She is his inspiration. The power of their love is the only thing he’s certain about in this world.

Sometimes when his heart speaks, he writes. He writes to her. He writes for her. He writes about her. He writes about their love. He writes about his feelings. He writes and thinks about her feelings. Usually his writing is only for her eyes, often handwritten and decorated. But sometimes, pieces of his writing find their way here, this little website.

He writes to express himself, his thoughts and feelings and ideas and dreams, and to share them with her. But he also hopes maybe his words that are made available here could touch people out there, inspire people, show people how amazing and magical and sweet and deep love can be.

Perhaps also remind people of what they deserve and fight for it, make people appreciate it when they truly find it, and hold onto it and never let go. Remind people that when you truly love someone, their happiness is more important that yours, because when you hold someone just for your own wish, you bring them pain and sadness. And if your heart tells you it isn’t the right person, go find the right person for you, and let them be free to find theirs. And once you have found that special amazing person, dedicate yourself to loving them and don’t let a day pass without kissing them passionately and letting them know how much you love them.